A-380 Inspections Ordered

Vancover Sun - Europe's safety authorities on Friday ordered urgent inspections on a third of the Airbus A380 fleet after the discovery of wing cracks on the world's largest jetliner.

Europe's safety authorities on Friday ordered urgent inspections on a third of the Airbus A380 fleet after the discovery of wing cracks on the world's largest jetliner.  Read More>

Latest Round Of Passenger Protections Going Into Effect

CNN - For those who like to fly but hate the hassle of hidden airfare fees, there is hope on the horizon. Starting next week, the only surprise they should experience is that there are fewer surprises.  Read More>

Biofuel Clean But Not Cheap

NYT - The use of jet fuel from renewable sources is now well demonstrated, but it costs more than double what fuel made from petroleum does, according to airlines, aircraft companies and suppliers.  Read More>

SkyTeam's Next Focus - Brazil & India

Aviation Week - SkyTeam has almost no hope of persuading the emerging Latam Airlines Group to join the alliance, says the group’s top executive.  Read More>

DOT Delays Enforcement Of Bag Fee Disclosure Rules

Aviation Week - The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) is giving airlines a six-month reprieve on some of its new bag fee requirements. All the new rules still will become effective Jan. 24, but only some will be enforced immediately.  Read More>

To Congress: Pass FAA Funding Bill

The Hill - The lobbying group for airports said Thursday that a new funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration should be the first piece of legislation in line for takeoff when Congress gets back to work later this month.  Read More>

"Carbon" Fees Being Added For EU Flights

[Editor's note:  AA has added the fee, resulting in all U.S. carriers with scheduled Europe service having this fee]

USA Today - United-Continental and US Airways have joined Delta in adding a $3 surcharge to one-way tickets to Europe, days after the European Union started requiring airlines to pay for carbon emissions.  Read More>

A380's Developing Minor Wing Cracks

Reuters - Engineers have discovered minor cracks in the wings of a "limited number" of A380 superjumbos but their safe operation is not affected, Airbus said on Thursday.  Read More>

RJ's Getting Upscale Mods - Regional aircraft cabins are undergoing extreme makeovers to look and feel more like their mainline brethren. Dual-class and triple-class configurations, thoroughly refreshed interiors with new LED lighting, and lightweight slim-line seats are only some of the features emerging on regional jets and turboprops manufactured by ATR and Bombardier and industry newcomers.  Read More>

Japan To Be Latest LCC Market

Aviation Week - Japan’s airline industry is set for a major transformation in 2012 with the debut of three low-cost carriers, as airline executives bet that there is enough demand to match the sudden emergence of a competitive LCC market.  Read More>

BA Wins Battle To Buy BMI

[There still may be regulatory hurdles to overcome - JimG]
Aviation Week - Lufthansa is selling its loss-making unit BMI British Midland to International Airlines Group (IAG), with the two parties concluding negotiations that entered their final phase six weeks ago. IAG prevailed with its bid over Virgin Atlantic, which was also interested in buying BMI.  Read More>

STL Completes Concourse A Renovation

St. Louis Business Journal - Year-long renovations to Concourse A at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport are now complete. The improvements are part of the $70 million Airport Experience program, which began in 2008.  Read More>

Ancilliary Fees - A New Approach?

Flight Global - Have a conversation about ancillary revenue strategy with some of the airline industry's savvy thinkers and you get tantalising glimpses of a new vision in the making, and a sense that the full potential of ancillary activity has yet to be realised.  Read More>

FAA's New Rest/Duty Time Rules For Pilots

Washington Post - The government told passenger airlines Wednesday they’ll have to do more to ensure pilots aren’t too tired to fly, nearly three years after the deadly western New York crash of a regional airliner flown by two exhausted pilots.  Read More>

EU's Top Court Upholds Carbon Emission Plan

Washington Post - U.S. air carriers failed Wednesday to block an EU law charging airlines flying to Europe for their carbon pollution, yielding to a sweeping measure intended to curb climate-changing emissions from international aviation.  Read More>

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